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Autoclavable Revolver Trocar (ART) for minimal invasive surgery

Reference Number TO 15-00428


Every surgical operation on the human or animal body imposes stress on the organism. Minimal invasive surgery minimizes the operative access path, significantly reducing operation trauma and related stress reactions. Trocars are hollow, tube-shaped instruments that are placed into the abdomen through small incisions during laparoscopic surgery. They serve as a passage and guide for subsequent placement of other instruments like forceps or scissors. To allow the insertion of instruments with differing diameters, a variety of multiport trocars have been designed and marketed. However, parallel use of these instruments requires a large diameter of the trocar itself, interfering with the aim of a minimized operation trauma. Furthermore, most multiport trocars are manufactured as disposable instruments leading to high cost of purchase for the hospitals.


The newly developed device comprises a reusable multichannel trocar with a small diameter that meets the demands of minimal invasive surgery. The revolvable upper part contains a plurality of sealed openings of differing diameter. They allow the quick and convenient exchange of different instruments that can be used with the same trocar channel. The concept of subsequently using the instruments allows for the smallest possible diameter of the trocar. All parts of the disassembled device can be sterilized by autoclaving leading to significant cost reduction compared to disposable systems.

Commercial Opportunity

In-licensing or further co-development of the device is possible.

Developmental Status

A prototype has been successfully evaluated.

Patent Situation

A German patent application with priority of 2015 is pending.