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Functional Surfaces based on S-Layer-Protein Nanotubes

Reference Number TO 2400026


Smart surfaces is a current buzzword describing surfaces with tailored characteristics to serve highly specialized functions. Smart surfaces are broadening applications and serving novel purposes in fields as diverse as medical devices, personal hygiene, sensor technology, specialized chemicals, catalysis, textiles and environmental protection. 

Microtubes formed by S-Layer-Proteins. Image taken by light microscopy.
Microtubes formed by S-Layer-Proteins. Image taken by light microscopy.


The S-Layer-Protein technology is a platform technology for surface functionalization. S-Layer proteins can be recombinantly expressed in E.coli. By self-assembly S-layer-Proteins form tubes of nanodimensions. The surface of such tubes displays the tailored functionalization. Besides genetic modifications or covalent post-translational modifications, also the association of metal ions is feasible.

Products based on S-Layer-Proteins may include:

· Protein carrier, e.g. for enzymes, biologicals, vaccines

· Catalysts based on enzymes or metals

· Microtubes with large actived surface (biologic function, chemical activation, metalization)

· Functionalized fibers

· Treatment of metalpolluted waste waters

Commercial Opportunity

The technology is available for evaluation and licensing.

Developmental Status

Proof of Concept.

Patent Situation

Patent granted: EP2270033B1.