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Ascenion in figures

Since Ascenion’s foundation in 2001,  

  • we have negotiated over 1,000 revenue-carrying agreements with industry,
  • our partners have received a total of more than EUR 86 million in revenues based on these agreements,
  • we have coached a total of more than 100 spin-off projects,
  • the spin-offs, we hold equity in, have provided over 420 new jobs 
  • we have forwarded EUR 12,1 million to the LifeScience Foundation, mainly from exit proceeds.


Our partners‘ revenues include fees resulting from the agreements negotiated by Ascenion as well as proceeds forwarded by Ascenion to the LifeScience Foundation. 
Virtually all surplus profits from Ascenion’s operative business activities and from the sale of its equity in spin-off companies go to the Foundation which distributes the funds to research projects at the endowing institutes. 

‘Ultimately, a long-term technology transfer strategy pays off for all participants. Just 8 years into Ascenion’s history, we were able to report a positive balance sheet across our customers; that is, their total proceeds from technology transfer outweigh their expenditure for Ascenion’s services.’ 

Dr Christian Stein, CEO Ascenion GmbH