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Business model

Long-term partner for technology transfer 

Ascenion offers its services to all publicly funded research institutes focused on the life sciences, regardless of their regional or organizational affiliations. Key client groups are the institutes of the Helmholtz and Leibniz Associations, as well as university hospitals. 

Ascenion enters into long-term cooperation agreements with its partners that run for several years and encompass the entire spectrum of IP asset management. The partner institutes remain proprietors of their intellectual property throughout the cooperation, becoming contractual partners with industry even if Ascenion has initiated and negotiated the contracts. Proceeds from the exploitation of IP are paid by industry directly to the institutes.

Ascenion’s services are paid for by a mixture of fees and performance-related bonuses. Coaching for start-ups is nearly always provided in return for a share of equity in the new company. Any surplus profits from Ascenion’s operative business activities and from the sale of its equity in companies are paid almost entirely to the LifeScience Foundation for the Promotion of Science.