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LifeScience Foundation

A new technology transfer model

In 2001, four life-science institutes of the Helmholtz Association established the LifeScience Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Research, with Ascenion – an independent central service company for technology transfer – as its 100% subsidiary. This was an innovation, not only in terms of the form of organization, but also due to the specialization in one area – the life sciences. 

The advantages for the institutes are twofold: first, they receive from Ascenion exactly the expertise and experience required to exploit their research results more efficiently, second the foundation structure allows them to profit maximally from the proceeds of successful technology transfer initiatives. Profits made by Ascenion flow via the Foundation back to research. To date, Ascenion has forwarded the LifeScience Foundation total of around EUR 9.5 million, the majority coming from exit proceeds. In addition, since 2003, our partner institutes have received more than EUR 30 million from contracts negotiated by Ascenion.

The funds are made available for research projects that address the needs of science, society and the economy, and that serve to protect human life and the environment. All the Foundation’s endowing institutes are considered for funding, but priority is given to those who have contributed significantly to the commercial success.

Open to all life-science institutes

Today, a total of nine institutes of the Helmholtz und Leibniz Association, the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Hannover Medical School are organized in the foundation. Endowment is not, however, a precondition for a collaboration with Ascenion.