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LifeScience Foundation

Unique in Germany

Ascenion is a 100% subsidiary of the LifeScience Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Research. This idea of integrating knowledge and technology transfer at academic institutes into a foundation structure is unique in Germany. It was developed by the founding research institutes themselves, and has many advantages for endowing members.

Strengthening transfer and spin-offs

Endowing institutes gain access to the competences, experience, cooperation partners, licensees and investors they require in order to transfer their research results more effectively into societal applications. In addition, they can offer their entrepreneurs optimal support and assign certain responsibilities, such as equity management, to Ascenion.

Maximizing revenues

The Foundation model allows endowing institutes to profit two-fold from the economic success of their research results: first, through direct revenues from licensing and cooperation agreements with industry, and second from Foundation grants fed by Ascenion’s revenues. The company distributes proceeds from the sale of equity as well as surplus profits from its operative business to the Foundation.

Any German research institute collaborating with Ascenion may become an endowing member of the Foundation. Endowment is not, however, a precondition for collaboration. 

Website of the LifeScience Foundation (Only in German)

Flyer of the LifeScience Foundation (Only in German)