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Life-science focus

Ascenion is an independent knowledge and technology transfer company that supports more than 30 European partners with a life-science focus: research institutions, universities, university hospitals and associated organizations.

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For the benefit of all

Our research partners generate numerous brilliant ideas. No-one can predict at the outset which of these will make it to the market. Not even Ascenion. But we do everything in our power to:

  • recognize projects with particular potential and secure patent protection for them
  • develop them further to increase marketing opportunities
  • find licencing and cooperation partners, realize start-ups and bring investors on board

Together, we have already launched numerous products that benefit millions of people. With BioVaria, we have also created an internationally respected platform that brings together innovators from science and business.

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Benefits for research

We negotiate fair terms with industry that reflect market conditions. A large proportion of the resulting revenue flows directly to our partners and is available to them for investing into further research. Our activities are financed through margins and consultancy fees. We distribute most of our surpluses to the LifeScience Foundation, which in turn makes them available for research project grants. Ascenion is a 100% subsidiary of the Foundation.

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