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For entrepreneurs

Strategic growth from a solid foundation 

You have an exciting business idea in the life sciences? Bring us an outline and we will thoroughly examine its feasibility. Given a convincing business idea and start-up team, we will support you as coach and ‘sparring partner’ on your road to independence. We take care of market research, help develop your business plan and advise you on company form, structuring and growth strategy. We also use our network of contacts to find potential partners from industry, investors or employees. 

Your benefits:

  • You gain insights into relevant markets and the competitive environment.
  • You receive valuable feedback and practical support in developing your business concept.
  • You benefit from the combined entrepreneurial experience of all our partners and avoid mistakes frequently made by others before you.
  • You significantly raise your chances of attracting appropriate grants. 
  • You gain access to our extensive network in your sector, e.g. through our Biotech NetWorkshop. Together with Max Planck Innovation, we organize this yearly event to provide you with the opportunity to exchange notes with seasoned company founders and experts. 
  • You win a long-term partner you can approach at any time for independent, informed advice on questions of IP law, contract negotiations, team development or corporate growth strategy. 

Talk to us: 
If you are employed at one of our partner institutes of if your employer has released your invention, please contact our technology manager in your area directly. Otherwise, please first contact the technology transfer office at your institute.