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5-point plan to boost technology transfer and stimulate economic growth

The TransferAllianz proposes 5 measures to leverage the innovation potential of academic research and drive sustainable economic recovery following the corona crisis.

As policy makers launch a plethora of initiatives to cushion the short-term effects of the pandemic and stimulate economic recovery, the TransferAllianz points to the potential of academic research for kickstarting longer-term economic upsurge through innovation. It proposes 5 measures to further promote the transfer of research results into novel products, services and companies:

  • Introduce a standard fee for technology validation and transfer into each publicly funded project, e.g. 5% of total project costs
  • Continue and expand existing instruments for translation and start-up support
  • Develop funding concepts to further consolidate and professionalize technology transfer at German universities and research organizations
  • Provide money for early-stage equity funds at universities and research organizations
  • Increase funding for application-oriented collaborative projects between science and industry

The TransferAllianz is the German association for knowledge and technology transfer, representing 75 members. It has access to over 200,000 scientists.

For further information see TransferAllianz' press release (only available in German)