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Diffratec Optics OG - a MUI spin-off - licensed innovative diffractive technologies

Diffratec, a spin-off from the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI), commercializes breakthrough diffractive elements. These elements, in particular Moiré lenses, are extremely compact and tunable with high speed and precision.

Objects at various distances, can be imaged sharply – without any optical elements moving along the optical axes. Therefore, these proprietary diffractive elements allow the creation of powerful optical systems with reduced size, weight and mechanical complexity. Direct applications include optics for mobile phones, cameras or microscopes, adjustable eyeglasses, high-power laser systems and advanced beam projections.

Ascenion, MUI’s technology transfer partner, has worked closely with the inventors and founders to strengthen patent protection of the underlying technology and structured a licence agreement together with MUI providing the start-up with exclusive rights to the IP developed at MUI. Ascenion’s team also supported the grant application of Diffratec for pre-seed funding at Austrian Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) in cooperation with MUI Office for Research and Innovation.


Further information:

Diffratec’s website