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New data support therapeutic approach of Ascenions portfolio company Cardior

Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH has published results of preclinical in vivo studies in Nature Communications showing that its lead compound, CDR132L, can significantly improve the functioning of pathologically altered hearts.

The studies were conducted by an international team of scientists from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Great Britain.

The approach is based on the ground-breaking research of Prof. Thomas Thum and his team at the Hannover Medical School. They were the first to demonstrate that increased expression of microRNA 132 (miR132) – a short, non-coding RNA – plays an important role in the pathological growth of heart muscle cells that can lead to cardiac failure.

Cardior’s CDR132L inhibits miR132 directly in the heart muscle tissue. In various in vivo model systems, including a clinically highly relevant large animal model, CDR132L was able to effectively inhibit and reverse pathological growth and remodelling, and normalize cardiac function in a dose-dependent manner. In contrast to most available treatments, which are predominantly symptomatic, this therapeutic strategy directly targets the cause of heart failure. Positive pharmacokinetic, safety and tolerance data support the significant potential of this anti-miR132 therapy.


Further information:

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