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Technology transfer net

Ascenion works with colleagues and peers around the world to develop professional standards, initiate new technology transfer instruments and to continually improve the underlying conditions for technology transfer for the benefit of its customers.



European Knowledge Transfer Association

The objective of the association is to enhance the impact of public research on the society and the economy by promoting and professionalizing knowledge and technology transfer in European universities and research institutions, for knowledge and technology transfer professionals and the users of technologies in the broadest sense.




Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals

ATTP is the international body for professionals engaged in technology transfer. Its goal is to 'move technology from research to the marketplace by unifying and educating technology transfer professionals around the world'.


Association of University Technology Managers

'The core purpose of AUTM is to support and advance academic technology transfer globally.'


PraxisUnico is a UK-based, educational not-for-profit organisation 'set up to support innovation and commercialisation of public sector and charity research for social and economic impact.'


The association unites patent marketing agencies and technology transfer agencies across Germany. Its goal is to 'provide enterprises with access to the entire range of innovative research results from German universities and non-university research institutions'.

The Global Tech Transfer Summit Initiative

The initiative is an international network focused on the biotechnology sector uniting representatives from technology transfer, research, industry and venture capital. With annual summits around the globe, it provides networking platforms and ultimately 'access to business resources that stimulate and instigate the underpinning of the commercialization of innovative technology'.