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Medical technology

AKITA®: Intelligent inhalation technology

AKITA® JET is the only inhalation system that belongs to the class of controlled dose inhalation drug delivery systems. It allows respiratory medications to unfold their full therapeutic potential by transporting the prescribed respiratory drug to the patient’s lungs safely and effectively.  Undesirable side effects caused by drug deposition in the throat are avoided.
Inhalation is controlled electronically using a SMART CARD – an electronic chip card carrying drug- and dose-specific information – and can be adjusted exactly to the patients individual lung function.

Origin: Helmholtz Zentrum München

Dr Gerhard Scheuch and his team at the Munich Helmholtz Centre laid the groundwork for these developments in the 1990s. Inamed GmbH was founded in 1998 and its device engineering unit was carved out in 2004, later becoming Activaero GmbH. In March 2014, Activaero was acquired by the Vectura Group.