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Protecting ideas and managing IP portfolios

Securing the basis for commercialization

You have research results that could be of interest to industry? Then contact your knowledge and technology transfer colleagues or your local Ascenion Technology Manager. The sooner the better! Together, we will determine whether it is possible and economically feasible to protect and develop your project, and if so, develop a suitable patenting strategy. This is often a crucial prerequisite for further development and commercialization.

Which research results are commercially interesting?

More than you may think. With some projects the potential is obvious – novel therapeutic agents and drug targets, for example. The potential of others may only emerge at second glance. This is why it’s worth having a good look, and getting every – really every – planned publication checked by a technology transfer expert before submission. We’re fast!

Potentially interesting subject areas include:

  • metabolic pathways, target structures
  • active agents, mechanisms of action
  • molecular biological or biotechnical processes
  • biological markers
  • antibodies
  • animal models
  • vectors

Our services for protecting ideas

We work together closely with the technology transfer department at your institution to assess and safeguard intellectual property, and agree a division of labour on an individual basis.

Our spectrum of services includes:

  • inventor consultations
  • publication screening
  • patent and market research
  • patent and invention evaluation
  • development of patenting and exploitation strategies
  • support for patent applications
  • portfolio maintenance
  • support with contracts for joint inventions