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Spin-off net

In order to provide optimal support for its partner institutes, Ascenion works closely with numerous start-up initiatives. In many of them, Ascenion takes the role of referee, accredited coach or sponsor.


From Science to Products

Within the context of the Call “From Science To Products 2013“, the transformation of scientific insights, from new and state-of-the-art know-how derived from basic research into new or significantly improved products, processes and services will be promoted, but without any topic-related restrictions.


'Gründungsinitiative Biotechnologie'
A funding instrument financed by the BMBF and managed by Projektträger Jülich for the support of entrepreneurial scientists.  The instrument enables academic groups to develop commercially promising projects to 'proof of concept' stage, in order to create a solid foundation for  subsequent company foundation.


A joint business development company run by Hannover city and region.  It offers a range of services from an entrepreneurs’ workshop, seminars and a competition, to the provision of working space and financial instruments. 


Helmholtz Enterprise
Financial instrument of the Helmholtz Association for the targeted support of start-ups emanating from their institutes. The Fund primarily provides financing for additional staff in the start-up phase.


High-Tech Start-up Fonds
The Fund’s emphasis lies on the early-stage financing of young technology companies. Alongside venture capital with attractive financing conditions, the HTGF also offers active support for management.

Leibniz X

Leibniz Association’s advisory service for entrepreneurs
Leibniz X offers the Association’s entrepreneurs comprehensive advice and active coaching, and supports applications to available funding programmes.


Munich’s business plan competition
Regional, industry-wide competition carried out in three stages. The competition offers seminars and workshops, access to an extensive business network and prizes to a total of more than EUR 50,000 per annum.


Science4Life is a German initiative to support founders of start-up companies in the field of Life Sciences and Chemistry.