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Biotech NetWorkshop

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

Ascenion and Max-Planck-Innovation have actively accompanied the foundation of more than 80 spin-offs in total. Not only have they gained valuable experience in the process, but also a close network of company founders, investors, business angels, industry representatives and experts. The Biotech NetWorkshop is a forum established by the technology transfer organizations that offers scientists interested in founding spin-offs and their partner institutes exclusive access to this network. The event is deliberately structured with the emphasis on exchange and discussion rather than presentation. In a manageable framework, founders can discuss their individual concerns with experienced managers, make valuable contacts and gain insights into how to improve their project’s chances of success.

Organizer: Ascenion and Max-Planck-Innovation

The event is co-organized by both technology transfer organizations. It takes place every year and brings around 40 participants together for 3 days.