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Spin-offs / Shareholdings

Coaching for company founders 

We have accompanied countless spin-offs through their foundation and growth. We hold equity in most of these companies. Proceeds made from the sale of this equity flow to the LifeScience Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Research. The foundation makes the funds available for research projects of the endowing institutes.

Current shareholdings:

amcure GmbH
Peptide active ingredients for the treatment of highly metastatic carcinomas


Berlin Cures GmbH
Therapeutics against various autoimmune disorders


Biomax AG
Identification of gene sequences and prediction of protein structure and function

Cardior Pharmaceuticals

Design, research and development of non-coding RNA-based therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases

consentris GmbH
Digital health startup developing and operating a dynamic consent platform that enables patients to submit informed consent and connects patients, subjects, scientists and physicians


Dualis MedTech GmbH 
Fully implantable pulsatile ventricular assist systems with wireless power and data transfer

HepaRegeniX GmbH

Discovery and development of new chemical entities for treatment of acute
and chronic liver diseases



Inamed GmbH
Contract research for medical, technical and other aerosol systems

Inscreenex GmbH
Novel cell screening technologies for drug development

Isodetect GmbH 
Qualitative and quantitative measurement of the biological decomposition of toxic waste (contaminated soil)

iThera Medical GmbH
Novel optoacoustic imaging technology

Medigene AG

Development of personalized T cell immunotherapies with a focus on haematological malignancies

Acquisition of Trianta in January 2014

Medtherm GmbH 
Advisory service for the application of hyperthermia therapy

OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH

Development of small molecules using an innovative endogenous protective mechanism. Primary focus is the development of a first-in-class oral drug for the treatment of atrial fibrillation.

Photonion GmbH
Photoionization mass spectrometry for the direct analysis of complex organic gasses and solids

Protectimmun GmbH 
Development of vaccines and drugs for allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases

Spero Therapeutics LLC
Development of novel therapies to treat highly resistant bacterial infections


Development of T cell receptors (TCRs) for T cell therapy of cancer 

Tube Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Development of cancer therapies based on tubulysins

Vectura Group plc
Development of pharmaceutical therapies for the treatment of airways-related diseases
Acquisition of Activaero in March 2014

Zellkraftwerk GmbH

Development and marketing of high content cytometry devices and tests for diagnosis of infectious diseases based on two platform technologies


Former shareholdings

Ascenion has sold shareholdings in these companies at a profit for its partners. The proceeds were distributed to the Life Science Foundation and forwarded by them to the endowing institutes for selected research projects.

Activaero GmbH 
Inhalation technology and aerosol medicine
Acquisition by Vectura Group in March 2014

Bioregeneration GmbH

Development of products based on Xellulin®

IT solutions for scientific work in biology, biotechnology and health research

Clueda AG

Intelligent big data solutions for semantic extcraction of knowledge



Web-based solutions for data storage, integration, interpretation and modelling for physico-chemical and ADMET predictions

Encepharm GmbH 
Preclinical contract research in the field of mental illness

Genomatix GmbH 
Bioinformatics for functional genome analysis

NanoRepro AG 
Development, manufacturing and marketing of rapid diagnostics (self diagnostics) for domestic use

SurgVision B.V.

Development of optoacoustic imaging technology for use in preclinical and
clinical applications

Trianta Immunotherapies GmbH
T-cell focused therapies for treatment of cancer
Acquisition by Medigene in January 2014

TRION Pharma GmbH

Development of trifuncional antibodies for treatment of cancer
Acquisition by Fresenius Biotech

Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH   
Consulting and services for the development of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals from the lab to clinical trials