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For life-science entrepreneurs and investors

The Spinnovator is a unique technology transfer instrument focusing on the development and commercialization of life science assets from Ascenion’s partner institutes across Germany and Europe. We combine government and philanthropic funding with venture and strategic capital along with professional expertise to develop cutting-edge, publicly funded research projects into marketable applications.

The Spinnovator team works with academic inventors and investors to drive the development of innovative technologies, validating key academic studies, filing and licensing IP into a spin-off company, then de-risking projects before accelerating development to a value inflection point.

We concentrate on the early development phases (typically starting from pre-clinical proof-of-concept), as experience has shown this to be the stage where we can add significant value, working with the academic team to conduct and finance development in an efficient manner. Given the propensity for many industrial partners and venture capitalists to partner and/or invest at a later stage of development, many ideas and inventions with considerable potential remain unexploited.