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Startup Pitch & Partner

BioVaria’s platform for entrepreneurs

BioVaria’s Startup Pitch & Partner programme offers a forum specifically for entrepreneurs, packed with valuable opportunities. Start-up projects in two different stages of maturity, ‘Emerging’ and ‘Rising’ present themselves to an interactive panel, the public and a jury of first-class venture capitalists to win the BioVaria Startup Award.

Furthermore, they receive numerous contacts, tips and insights from experienced managers and investors in the life-science sector, not only in specially tailored workshops and keynotes, but also through individual mentoring sessions.

For investors and industry representatives, the forum offers the chance to get to know attractive start-ups in detail. Including those that have not previously been presented to a wider audience.

The winners of the ‘Startup Pitch & Partner Competition’ 2019 were ISD Immunotech and ‘We are delighted to accept the BioVaria Emerging Startup award. It will help us attract the recognition and financing required to develop the first safe and effective therapy for lupus patients,’ said Tara Heitner, CEO of ISD. Pavel Nevický, co-founder of continued: ‘We are honoured to be chosen best Rising Startup at BioVaria, and the award strengthens our determination to apply digital diagnostic tools to the treatment of severe mental health disorders.’

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