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Gene & Cell Therapy Portfolio Webinar Series

Join us for our upcoming webinar series!

We are pleased to announce that Ascenion will be teaming up with Oxford University Innovation (OUI) to present a comprehensive range of Gene & Cell Therapy technologies as partnership opportunities from leading researchers at the institutions they represent. Part I will be presented by Ascenion and Part II by OUI. The webinar is free to attend but registration is necessary.

Ascenion’s and OUI’s Technology Managers will be introducing the following portfolio:

    Part I – Ascenion’s Gene & Cell Therapy Portfolio

    3 pm - 4 pm UTC+2

    Gene Therapy & Gene Editing

    • 99-00126 - Novel gene therapy approach for cardiovascular diseases
    • 01-00987 - Split-Cas9-based AAV gene therapy approach for DMD
    • 43-00004 - CRISPR Switch: Inducible sgRNA expression for tightly regulated, efficient & safer CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
    • 03-00413 - Improved Sleeping Beauty Transposon System for non-viral gene therapy: SB100X/pT4

    Cell Therapy

    • 23-00069 - NMDAR targeted CAAR-T cell therapy
    • 03-00446 - Novel CAR-T against CXCR5 for treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
    • 01-00937 - Empowering T and NK cells for adoptive cell transfer (ACT) through engineering with PD-1:4-1BB

    Part II – Oxford University Innovation’s Gene & Cell Therapy Portfolio

    3 pm - 4 pm UTC+2

    Gene & Cell Therapy

    • Gene therapy for chronic pain and epilepsy
    • Haemoglobin base editor for sickle cell & other haematological disease
    • Adjunct treatment for Gene Therapy
    • Tools for gene editing, cell-specific CAS9
    • Gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa
    • OxVax – Next Generation Dendritic Cell Platform

    For more information & registration, please visit here.

    The webinars will take place online using a virtual meeting platform. You can join by using your laptop/computer, smartphone app, or by calling in to listen to the webinars. We will send the meeting links to all registered participants shortly before the webinar.