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Technology enabling a comprehensive analysis of blood flow in vessels

Reference Number TO 44-00001


4D phase contrast MRI data (4D flow) are rich sources of fluid-dynamic and anatomic information. However, due to the absence of a comprehensive analysis tool, in clinical routine quantification in vessels is limited to basic quantities. To unlock the high potential of 4D flow datasets, a novel systematic approach is required.

Blood stream lines within the aorta.
Blood stream lines within the aorta.


The proprietary technology, enabling detailed fluid-dynamic and morphologic quantification, includes the following steps: First, 4D phase contrast MRI data are collected. Next, a multi-dimensional image space, consisting of three velocity dimensions, three vorticity dimensions and one scalar dimension for the turbulent kinetic energy density in addition to four dimensions of space and time is calculated. Then, a multi-planar reconstruction is performed in planes perpendicular to the vessel centerline in the course of the vessel. Fluid-dynamic and geometric quantities are calculated in the planes at each longitudinal position along the vessel. Such systematically obtained data are finally presented in standardized diagrams with the quantities as functions of the position along the vessel. This standardized method allows a comprehensive assessment of both, fluid-dynamic and geometric conditions at once and is a milestone for non-invasive diagnostics.

Commercial Opportunity

The patent protected technology is available for in-licensing.

Developmental Status

The technology has been applied successfully to more than 40 clinical patient data sets. 

Patent Situation

PCT application WO2019/016210A1 with priority of 2017 is pending.