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Jackson Stock Number: 003968


Mice homozygous for the Il10tm1Cgn targeted mutation are viable and fertile when housed under SPF conditions. Under conventional housing conditions homozygous mutant mice are small in size, anemic, and have chronic enterocolitis. It should be noted that the phenotype of cecocolitis in this strain requires an interaction with an as yet undefined component of the enteric flora. Helicobacters do not appear to be the environmental triggers. Intestinal problems are far less severe (local inflammation of the proximal colon) in a pathogen-free environment. Lymphoctye development and antibody responses are normal in homozygous mutant mice.

Cancer Research:
Growth Factors/Receptors/Cytokines

Hematological Research:
Anemia, Iron Deficiency and Transport Defects (hemolytic)
Immunological Defects

Immunology and Inflammation Research:
Growth Factors/Receptors/Cytokines
Inflammation (Inflammatory bowel disease)

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This animal model is bred and managed by The Jackson Laboratory and marketed for commercial use by Ascenion.