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Conductin+/lacZ-mice as a model for Wnt-mediated tumorigenesis

Reference Number 03-00238


Activation of Wnt signaling through ß-catenin/TCF complexes is a key event in the development of various tumors, in particular colorectal and liver tumors. Within the Wnt signaling pathway Conductin induces downregulation of ß-catenin when transiently overexpressed in colon carcinoma cells and is upregulated in colorectal adenomas and carcinomas and in liver tumors, in comparison to the corresponding normal tissues.

The technology provides Conductin+/lacZ-mice. In the model, the lacZ gene is under the control of the conductin promoter, and ß-galactosidase staining faithfully reflects the conductin expression pattern during embryonal and tumor development.

Commercial Opportunity
Breeding pairs available under Tangible Property Licence Agreement. By crossing the Conductin+/lacZ-mice with tumor-bearing mice (e.g. SCID-mice) or by inducing tumor growth in this mouse model, it can be used as a marker for ß-catenin/Wnt-induced tumorigenesis.

Further Reading

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