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Multifunctional forceps for purse string sutures

Reference Number TO 15-00259


A partial surgical resection of hollow organs such as the small intestine, colon or stomach is frequently required for patients with tumours or other gastrointestinal diseases. The continuity of the gastrointestinal passage is often reconstructed by using a circular stapler device. Therefore, the fixation of the circular anvil in the organ stump is commonly performed by application of a purse-string suture along the edge of the circular wound.  When using straight purse string forceps that feature alternating ridges and grooves on their jaws (through which a needle can be guided), a tightening of the suture seals the organ and fixes the anvil in firing position for the circular anastomosis. However, conventional purse string forceps have straight jaws and therefore adequate space is required to be able to insert a straight needle and remove it on the other end. This poses a problem especially during laparoscopic surgery in areas of the body where room for maneuvering instruments is very limited. New instruments that overcome these issues are therefore urgently needed.

Multifunctional forceps for purse string sutures

Illustration of relevant parts of the developed purse string forceps featuring semicircular jaws, an adjustable angle between shaft and jaws and a blade to cut the hollow organ.


The technology discloses a new type of forceps for purse string sutures featuring semicircular jaws suited for commercially available rounded suture needles. The required space for moving instruments for a purse string suture is thereby reduced by about 50%. Furthermore, the angle between jaw and shaft of the forceps can be adjusted to meet the surgeons’ needs. Also, an integrated blade allows to cut the hollow organ easily. These multifunctional purse string forceps therefore enable surgeons to safely and simultaneously perform a partial resection of a hollow organ and to apply a purse string suture, especially in situations with confined operating space (e.g. minimal invasive surgery).

Commercial Opportunity

In-licensing or collaboration for further development is possible.

Development Status

First prototypes have been produced.

Patent Situation

German patent application DE102012103501.6 has been filed in 2012.