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Neosoraphens for treatment of Th17 associated inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Reference Number TO 02-00317


Chronic inflammatory diseases including COPD, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis pose an enormous burden to global health. Currently, the pharmaceutical focus regarding chronic inflammatory diseases is on biologicals which often show excellent specificity. However, those monoclonal antibodies are comparatively expensive in terms of production and prescription, respectively. Therefore, there is a permanent demand for new drug candidates with preferably high specificity and consequently minor adverse effects as well as cost-efficient development and production.

Neosoraphens for treatment of Th17 associated inflammatory and autoimmune diseases


The present technology is directed to Neosoraphens, new myxobacterial natural compounds related to Soraphen A. Soraphens were first described and isolated in the 1980s. The compound group is therefore well characterized and several biological activities are reported. The cellular target of the best characterized family member Soraphen A, acetyl-CoA-carboxylase (ACC), was identified in previous studies. ACC catalyzes the first step of fatty acid synthesis in all organisms and is an important regulator of the cellular fatty acid metabolism.

According to the technology Neosoraphens like Soraphen A exhibit a modulatory role on the balance between Th17 cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs). In vitro Neosoraphens show a specific inhibition of Th17 differentiation with parallel induction of Tregs. Consequently, in first in vivo experiments in a mouse disease model treatment - in this case conducted with Soraphen A - lead to a delayed onset and reduced severity of the autoimmune disease. Therefore, as it is known that the differentiation of proinflammatory Th17 cells have different metabolic requirements compared to Tregs, ACC could be a promising target for the modulation of the Th17/Treg balance and Soraphens including the novel Neosoraphens are thereby potentially qualified for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders.

Commercial Opportunity

The technology is offered for co-development and/or in-licensing.

Development Status

First in vivo data in a suitable mouse disease model are available. Further experiments in relevant disease models are in preparation.

Patent Situation

European patent granted (WO2015/154883).