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NMR glass capillary sealing device

Reference Number TO 01-00976


The sample analysis with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is performed by use of NMR-compatible glass capillaries. Airtight closure of such glass capillaries is necessary to prevent solvent loss and allow biobanking of samples at - 80°C. However, for biological samples this is a frequent/common requirement, but an adequate, fast, simple and reliable sealing of the glass capillaries for these storing conditions is not available.

NMR glass capillary sealing device

Running sealing device prototype with already 3 closed and 3 open capillaries in place.


With the innovative closure device, we introduce a new system and methodology enabling a simple, fast and reliable sealing of NMR tubes by melting the glass top forming a semispherical and flush closure at the tip of the capillary. The produced glass top avoids sharp edges, is airtight and maintains the outer capillary diameter. The sealed capillary can be handled safely, stored at -80°C, subsequent thawing devoid of glass breakage enables repeated measurements at any time after preparation.

Commercial Opportunity

The patent protected device and methodology are available for in-licensing.

Development Status

A prototype of the sealing device is available and proof of concept is shown.

Patent Situation

A priority claiming German patent application has been filed in 2018. Additional international patent filings are possible within the priority year.