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NODCaj.Cg-Igh-6tm1Cgn Tg(Igh-VB1-8/Igh-6m)1Mjsk/FswJ

Jackson Stock Number: 005306


Transgenic mice carrying the Igh-6tm1Cgn allele are viable, fertile, and normal in size and restores the B220+ B-cells to normal. The number of B-cells is normal and the ratio of CD4 to CD8 is normal. Although only a fraction of the transgenic mice have an increased amount of insulitis, it is more severe, especially in males. Diabetes incidence is partially restored in NODCaj.Cg-Igh-6tm1Cgn Tg(Igh-VB1-8/Igh-6m)1Mjsk/Fsw with approximately, 11% females and 0% males becoming diabetic by 50 weeks of age compared to approximately 2% Igh-6tm1Cgn female controls and 0% Igh-6tm1Cgn male controls by 50 weeks of age or 90% female NOD controls and 70% male NOD controls by 30 weeks of age. T- cell depleted spleen cells from Igh-6tm1Cgn Tg(Igh-VB1-8/Igh-6m)1Mjsk mice stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) respond normally. NODCaj.Cg-Igh-6tm1Cgn Tg(Igh-VB1-8/Igh-6 )2Mjsk/Fsw like NOD.129S2(B6)-Igh-6tm1Cgn generate low T-cell responses to GAD and insulin.

This model is useful for separating the role of B-cells in antigen presentation from antibody production involved in diabetes development

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This animal model is bred and managed by The Jackson Laboratory and marketed for commercial use by Ascenion.