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STOCK Tg(balancer1)2Cgn/J

Jackson Stock Number: 002858


These transgenic mice carry the Cre recombinase gene under the control of the rat nestin promoter. When crossed with a strain carrying a gene flanked by loxP sites, partial deletion of the loxP-flanked allele occurs before embryonic day 10.5 and is detectable in all adult organs examined including germ line cells. Because of the partial deletion, STOCK TgN(balancer1)2Cgn and STOCK TgN(balancer2)1Cgn Cre transgenic strains can be used to generate mosaic mice consisting of cells that are either wildtype or mutant for the gene of interest. The proportion of cells that carry the mutant allele varies between tissues and between individual mice. In cases where deletion of a particular gene is lethal, the generation of mosaic mice using these strains can bypass lethality in some mosaic individuals. The balancer2 line induces more variable deletion of loxP-flanked genes than the balancer1 line.

Research Tools:
Developmental Biology Research (Cre-lox system), Reproductive Biology Research (Cre-lox system), cre related
Cre-lox-System, Genetics Research (Mutagenesis and Transgenesis: Cre-lox system)

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This animal model is bred and managed by The Jackson Laboratory and marketed for commercial use by Ascenion.